What is neonatal echocardiography?

The application of cardiac ultrasound and hemodynamic evaluation of newborn infants in the context of neonatal intensive care (NICU) is known as targeted neonatal echocardiography (TnECHO). TnECHO suggests combining clinical data with hemodynamic data obtained from echocardiography to guide treatment choices.

What is echocardiography in pediatric heart disease?

The most popular test for diagnosing or excluding heart disease in kids as well as for monitoring kids who have already been diagnosed with a heart condition is echocardiography. Children of all ages and sizes, including fetuses and infants, can undergo this test.

Can echocardiography detect heart failure?

Heart failure due to systolic dysfunction is relatively easy to diagnose by echocardiography which demonstrates a dilated left ventricle with a reduced ejection fraction.